It was established in Istanbul in 2009. It provides services by producing in-house with all production lines in a 4000m² factory, 10 minutes away from Tüyap Fair Center.

Dünya Dizayn operates with a large team of 40 full time personnel and 80 temporary personnel. This allows every customer to have a unique customized experience. With a team of 120 people in total, all required service groups for exhibition stands are met in house without the use of outside contractors.
Service groups stand as;

1- Design and Production Management Departments,

2- Woodwork and Furniture Production Unit,

3- Aluminium Joinery and Portable Systems Unit,

4- Rental Furniture Unit,

5- Electrical and Audio-Visual Unit,

6- Metal Workshop,

7- Site Operations Unit (genie, lift, machinery, trucks, big rigs etc.).


Workplace safety and security is one of our most fundamental principles. All personnel, including contractors are insured. All of our workshops, offices and workspaces are made according to the highest quality standards. Emergency exits as well as assembly points are appointed. Basic Workplace Health and Security training is given to all workers, and consecutive training is routinely continued. Personnel are trained for emergency alongside our personnel who are also trained for first aid. The firm’s medical consultant performs routine medical checkups. 

Required mountings have been made in the workspaces to ensure a safe environment. Guides for forklift workspaces, mounting spaces, walkways, and emergency exits are present.

All personnel in the workshop wear hard hats, work gloves, protective goggles, steel toed boots and working clothes. 

The use of forklifts and other vehicles are performed only by certified individuals.

Routine maintenance of workshop machinery is performed by licensed service performers. The repair or usage of malfunctioning machinery within the workshop is non-permissible under any circumstance. 

All personnel possess diplomas and certificates of competency in their respective fields.

Private health insurance is put in place as soon as an individual is hired. Every type of health issue or injury is covered by this private health insurance.

It is crucial that every material used within the construction fits the European exhibition booth norms and standards. In this context; factors such as ignitability, flammability, and sanitation are tested before a given material is processed. Afterwards, suitable materials are taken in for processing. 

Armatures are ensured for excellence in many ways. Many points are considered when choosing electrical units. LED armatures and fuse panels having residual current circuit breakers are important factors while determining an appropriate one for processing. At the same time, static calculations of materials are tested pre-production, and if the results are deemed suitable, production is commenced.

Customer relations are very important for fair stands. Design alternatives are made according to client requests and expectations and these alternatives are then presented to the client. Revisions are made according to customer feedback. Client presentations carry on until the project is finalized. The approved design is then prepared for production and presented to the client once more. Once sizes, colors and textures are all approved of, production work may begin.

Before every fair, demo stands are set up in our factory in order to detect every possible mishap and prepare accordingly. These demo stands are presented to our clients in the factory for prior approval. Afterwards, the supplies are delivered to the fair area for setup.